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Meeting the Ever-Increasing Requirements for Energy Efficiency: Forward-Looking 21 Korean Builders, Designers and Distributors Participate 11 Day Super-E® Training in Canada

The Advanced Technology Construction Training in Canada in its 13th year was planned and delivered successfully from July 4 and July 14, 2017 in collaboration with the Super-E®Office/Energy Efficient Exporters Alliance (EEEA), the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) and Canada Wood Korea at the UFV’s Chilliwack Campus.
The extensive training program, totally revamped 2 years ago to focus on transfer of technology and expertise needed for design and construction of above code high performance Super-E® House (known as R-2000 home in Canada), consists of lectures and special lectures by guest speakers, hands-on practical training, site visits and testing and demonstrations, which were made possible by combination of best Canadian experts, training facility and construction sites not available in Korea.
21 participants – 8 architects including a professor, 9 builders and prefabricators, 2 material importer/distributor, 1 architecture student and 1 Korea Wood Construction Association’s 5 Star Program manager – studied hard and all of them passed the test to qualify for “Super-E® Designate” and even 3 participants scored 100.
But it was not all work, participants also enjoyed their stay in Chilliwack surrounded by tall mountains, rivers and lakes and good weather throughout the course enjoying outdoor activities like walking, cycling, canoeing, golfing and socializing with others drinking BC wine in the cool evenings.

2016 Canada-Korea Wood Festival in Busan – University students present wood houses to children

Canada Wood Korea held a University-Based Training under the name of “2016 Canada-Korea Wood Festival” in collaboration with four universities in Busan City: Dongseo, Dong-A, Pukyong and Shilla Universities. The main purposes of the event is to provide theory and practical training of wood frame construction technology for university students and enhance the education to the future industrial professionals. The Canada-Korea Wood Festival has been recognized as both a practical training program to increase understanding of the wood frame building design and construction, and a charity program since its inception in 2014. A total number of 60 architecture students from the aforementioned four universities participated in the event to build 6 wood playhouses using Canadian SPF. Upon completion, the playhouses were donated to local children’s facilities.

2016ckwf-2 2016ckwf-1 2016ckwf-3

The event was held at BEXCO outdoor booths in Busan during ‘2016 Busan Kyung Housing Fair’. The students started building and completed the small-scaled 6 playhouses in 5 working days from Aug. 31st to Sep. 4th. All students have worked enthusiastically by doing framework, roof finishing and painting on the walls for decoration. A student from this event said “This is a special opportunity and experience I have never had in the classroom. The program is well organized for the students to understand construction process and structure of wood frame house.” He also added “I have learned about how rewarding it is to harvest what we have shared through our gift donation.”

Both the training graduation and playhouse donation ceremony happened on the final day. The course completion certificates, issued by CWK, were given to the students who successfully completed the training program. Each university presented a complimentary letter along with a playhouse to each of the four representatives from the local children’s facilities attending the ceremony. The donated playhouses will be used as indoor play spaces, together with providing opportunity for children to experience a wood frame house.

2016ckwf-5 2016ckwf-6

Canada Super-E® house training attracts industry professionals

2016ufv-1 2016ufv-2

The 12th Annual Advanced Technology Construction Training (ATCT) was held at the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) in Chilliwack, BC, Canada. This year’s program was from July 5 to 15 and totalled 22 professionals (6 architects, 10 WFC builders, 4 building material distributors a university professor and a university student). This year’s program focussed on energy efficient wood frame house technology called ‘Super-E’ in collaboration with Super E Office/Energy Efficient Exporters Alliance (EEEA) and UFV.
As part of the training, participants studied Super-E house technology concentrating on air-tightness, insulation and ventilation systems and built two mock up houses focussing on Super-E technology systems. According to survey results, participants were very happy with the overall course content and practicality.
At the end of the course, 20 of the participants applied and wrote the exam for the Super-E Designate license. All 20 applicants passed successfully and will receive the certificate and official Super-E Designate number from Super-E Office in November.
After the training, Mr. Choi, president of a design and building company, said, “the Super-E house technology is definitely suitable to the Korean construction market because it is cheaper than the Passive House system and easy to achieve the efficient energy performance especially for wood frame house. I will try to persuade my client to design and build a Super-E house in the near future.”

2016ufv-3 2016ufv-4

University & College-based training with Department of Architecture of Hanyang University

201606-1Tai Jeong, Country Director, along with technical staffers of CWK gave special lectures on June 30 to the young future architects studying at Hanyang University as a part of the University-Based Training.
Tai and CWK staffers gave series of special lectures on ‘Tall Wood – Mass Timber and Characteristics of Wood as a Building Material’ theme to 60 final year students of the Department of Architecture for four hours followed by a Q&A session. CWK has been providing the students of the Department of Architecture of Hanyang University with special lectures every year since 2014.

After the half day lecture, Hanyang University held a conferment ceremony to appreciate Canada Wood’s support 201606-2and contribution on academic activities conducted by the Far East Architectural History Lab of Hanyang University. On behalf of Canadian wood industry, Tai received a letter of appreciation from Professor D.S. Han of Hanyang University at the conferment ceremony.

2015 Busan Kyunghyang Housing Fair attracts future home buyers

201509-01 2015092

Canada Wood Korea has participated in the 2015 Busan Kyunghyang Housing Fair held in Busan, the second largest city in Korea located south-eastern tip of Korean peninsula, from September 3 to 6, 2015 to promote the use of Canadian wood products and wood frame construction and to distribute technical and promotional literature.

In conjunction with the participation at the Fair, CWK held a WFC seminar and talk show titled as “3 Architects and 3 Colors” for consumers as well as construction and design professionals who are interested in learning more on wood frame construction.

3 leading architects (Seung Hee Kang, Principal of Studio Nova, Hyun Wook Lee, Principal of Kwangjang Architects and Jae Seung Song Principal of Michoo Architects) presented various topics ranging from high performance custom designed luxury wood frame house case studies, affordable peanut houses and guide for owner-builder.  The following talk show with 3 architects and enthusiastic audience was moderated by Tai Jeong, Country Director.

20150903 20150904

Korean designers attend 12-day Super-E workshop at UFV

20150703 20150704

Canada Wood Korea has successfully delivered the 11th Annual Advanced Technology Construction Training (ATCT) planned and conducted in collaboration with the Super E Office/Energy Efficient Exporters Alliance (EEEA), the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) from July 15 to July 29 at UFV Trade and Technology Centre (TTC) located in Chilliwack, BC, Canada.

This year’s ATCT program was totally revamped from previous years’ to focus on the transfer of Super E House technology and best practices accumulated over several decades of R-2000/Super E Program and it was consisted of intensive 12 days of classroom lectures which were delivered by 3 experts, former members of CMHC International Training Team, and hands-on practical training of building mock-ups of various building components, testing and site visits, led by carpentry instructors of the UFV’s Faculty of Applied and Technical Studies with help of the 3 experts.

17 leading Korean designers, builders and material distributor have participated and awarded with certificate of completion from Super E Office. Regardless of the high cost of participation (over CAD $5,000 dollars for tuition fee, accommodation, meals and flights), the exit survey shows that they were highly satisfied with this intensive training program focusing on Super E and every penny they spent was worthwhile.
Canada Wood Korea is further planning to provide Super E training in coming November in Seoul for more Korean architects and builders.

You can see more pictures of daily activities during the training on Canada Wood Korea’s

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WFC Practical Training Workshop

20150801 20150802

Inha University’s architecture students have started to work on the design of multi-level deck structure with vertical walls and a tower specifically for toddlers and pre-schoolers housed in an orphanage on which they can play and rest since April 2015. The talent donation project, titled as ‘The GIFTs’, is the second one following last year’s and, thus, ‘Two’ has been added.

The project, not only train future architects on proper design and use of wood in WFC, but also showcase proper use of SPF dimension lumber in exterior applications. All the members of the deck were incised, pre-cut,-notched and -drilled, pressure treated and dried twice to meet H3 (Above Ground) Korean use category, and installed at the site to ensure durability and safety of the deck.

Pine Tree Home is a child care institution housing more than 80 children up to 18 year old at Bupyeong, Incheon city. Inha University’s Department of Architecture plans to donate their talents and labour for all 10 orphanages in the area with custom designed wood structures.

WFC Practical Training Workshop with Inha University

20150601 20150602

Seven days of the Annual WFC Practical Training Workshopsubtitled as CAN-KOR Wood Festival 2015, is underway in collaboration with Inha University, Korea Wood Construction Association (KWCA) and Canada Wood.

This year’s workshop, consists of 2 days of classroom training and 5 days of practical training, has started with lectures introducing wood as a building material and its benefits, wood architecture and wood frame construction on May 22 and 29. And the first 2 days of practical training were conducted on May 30 and 31, marking, cutting, notching and drilling each members of the deck structure designed by students for pressure treatment.

Treated SPF member will be assembled during 4 days from June 26 to 29 at Pine Tree Home, an orphanage located in Incheon city chosen by students to provide better environment for children. Inha University’s architecture students have built a deck structure last year as part of voluntary work or what they call “Talent Donation” program for the socially disadvantaged and want to similar project every year.

The Embassy of Canada to Korea is sponsoring this workshop and Dr. Mark Evered, the President of UFV, delivered a special speech for students on May 29 during his visit to Inha.

Ribbon Cutting at Alberta Pavillion

Alberta Pavilion is completed and it will showcase Canada’s wood to the world during 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games

20150501 20150502

The construction of Alberta Pavilion in Gangwon Province, designed by a Korean architect and built with Canadian wood products, has been completed and, on May 13, the ribbon cutting ceremony was held attended by Moon Soon Choi, governor of Gangwon Province, Ron Hoffman, Alberta’s Senior Representative for the Asia Pacific Basin, Eric Walsh, Ambassador of Canada to Korea, Nam Ho Choi, Principal of Soltos Architecture, Tai Jeong, Country Director of CWK and other distinguished guests from Canada and Korea.

The wooden viewing platform, the simple and light wooden structure which impressed everyone attending the ceremony, was made of locally treated Canadian HF and SPF, and built to celebrate 40th anniversary of the Gangwon – Alberta sister province relationship and to serve as a landmark for coming 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games and Alpensia Resort developed for the Olympic.

20150503 20150504

Greatest Interest in Wood Construction Training in 10 Year History

20150201 20150203

Thirty-eight builders, designers, engineers, material manufactures/distributors and students have participated from all over Korea and with wide range of ages and expertise showing that there are strong and growing interests in wood as a building material, wood construction, high performance houses and advanced topics among Korean design and construction professionals.

And CWK and COFI have put together an extensive and comprehensive training program for 10 days from February 4 to February 13, 2015 for them in collaboration with many partners such as Wood Council – Wood WORKS!, FPInnovations, Inspector of Township of Langley, Super E builder, Net Zero Energy House Architect, Perkins + Will, Maple Leaf Housing, Construction School of BICT, UBC, Gauvin 2000 Construction, and other Canadian builders and developers.

Participants attended lectures on wide range of topics including latest development in wood materials and buildings, infill wall, Super E and net zero energy house, fire and sound control, Inspection and Quality Assurance and made visits to construction sites and building including single family house and multi-family construction sites, show homes, Surrey Central City, VanDusen Botanical Garden Visitor Centre, Brighouse Elementary School and the Richmond Oval, ESB and other buildings at UBC.

Advanced Technology Construction Training (ATCT), which focuses on the transfer of technology and best practices needed for design and construction of more complex and large wood frame structures such as multi-storey multi-family housing and high performance homes and quality control, has been conducted in Canada in order to provide participants with first-hand experiences of advanced Canadian wood construction technology at its best.

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