Canada Wood Projects

Duplex House (A “Peanut” House)

A "Peanut" house is a new prevailing terminology among many first time home buyers in Korea representing a duplex house (two family units in one lot) like a peanut (two nuts in one shell). This new terminology created by Mr. H.Y. Lee, a principal architect of Kwangjang Architect Group has been introduced to the public recently... + view this project

Hybrid Multi-use Structure Built in Pangyo

A mixed use three storey building in Pangyo new town development site was recently completed. The hybrid building comprises two storeys of light wood frame construction above a one storey concrete ground floor. Ground floor is to be used as commercial space along with three residential units on the second level and one residential... + view this project

Canada Wood and NRCan Demonstration project in Korea

WFC townhouse designs are new in China and have excellent potential, especially in Pudong District where lower-density housing is feasible. FII/CW will provide wood materials and technical support including design, construction and project management guidance. The Jinqiao Townhouse Project includes... + view this project

Jukdong Wood Frame Low Energy Housing Project

MA Architects and Engineers is a design firm who specializes in providing low energy design solutions. Jong Il Kim, the Principal, has chosen wood frame construction for the first time for Jukdong Project which consists of 6 single detached houses which will consume only 10% to 20% of energy for heating and cooling when compared with... + view this project

Fire Resistant Construction – Chunsunwon Project

It is hard to track how many buildings are being constructed using fire resistant construction certifications that Canada Wood Korea and Lafarge Gypsum Board Korea have jointly produced... + view this project

Gated Community Development

Supeeya, developer of Mirinae Village owns 360,000 m² of land in Yangpyung about 65km away from Seoul. Yangpyung is one of the best areas nationwide for people to live in the countryside near a metropolitan area. In the first phase of development, Supeeya subdivided 40,000 m² of land into 76 building lots and started to sell to the public... + view this project

Weekend house Complex Development

The Weekend-house complex with 79 single family wood frame houses is being developed in Chungju by a local developer with Canadian dimension lumber. The developer says “wood frame is the most efficient construction method in terms of time and cost comparing to other methods like steel and concrete... + view this project

4 Storey Hybrid building

CWK in collaboration with Korea Wood frame Construction Association has obtained a series of exterior and interior wall Fireproof Approvals from Korea Institute of Construction and Technology since 2009... + view this project

NRCan Demonstration House Project: the first 4 storey wood frame building in Korea

Originally designed as a concrete structure but converted to wood frame structure by CWK’s efforts, and the construction of this 4 storey was made possible fire resistance construction certification obtained by CWK’s initiatives and in cooperation with Lafarge Plasterboard Korean and wood construction industry... + view this project

Educational Center with dormitory at Ynaggu, Gangwon Province (Stuga)

2 story 2x4 WFC ‘overall support center for going back to the soil’... + view this project

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