Hybrid Multi-use Structure Built in Pangyo

Hybrid with wood and concrete structures

Neighbours surprised with the fast speed of wfc

Exterior finishes completed

A mixed use three storey building in Pangyo new town development site was recently completed. The hybrid building comprises two storeys of light wood frame construction above a one storey concrete ground floor. Ground floor is to be used as commercial space along with three residential units on the second level and one residential unit on the third floor.

“The owner recently concluded lease agreements with tenants. He was able to charge 30% more for these wood framed residential units compared with similar sized concrete units,” said Ms. Yoon, site manager for Hams Design LTD. “Many people toured the project and they are unanimous that it is more spacious and the interior walls are more precise and smoother than concrete buildings.”

Originally the building was to be built in concrete. “When we reviewed the concept and architectural form of the building, considered utilization of the attic space, energy conservation, building cost, etc. with the owner, wood frame construction seemed to be best way to meet his requirements,” Ms. Yoon added. “He finally agreed with our proposal.”
This was Hans Design’s first mixed-use project, so they lacked knowledge in fire and sound design and code compliance. “In particular, Korean people are extremely sensitive to noise between units.

We had to find the right solution to limit sound transference between separating walls and floors. Without the fire and sound approvals secured by Canada Wood via testing, we would not have been able to make this project happen. Canada Wood’s breakthroughs in fire and sound design were” said Ms. Yoon.

Structural wood products used in this 300m² building approximated 12% of the total cost. Over 20,000 board feet of Canadian SPF lumber and 350 sheets of plywood were used to frame the structure.

Pangyo new town is sited in metropolitan Seoul and is popular with commuters being only 15km away from downtown Seoul. A total of 30,000 households will be accommodated within two years.

Canada Wood intends to publish a case-study of this project. Interestingly, this building form has great appeal as well for rural China.