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Architects, engineers, developers and builders - prepare yourself to profitably participate in this rapidly expanding sector of the housing industry by joining the Canada Wood Support Group.

The Support Group is a new initiative being offered exclusively in Korea by the Canada Wood Group to help equip the construction industry to knowledgably build quality wood frame structures.

Membership in the Support Group entitles members to the following services:

  • A copy of Canada Wood's 'Guide to Good Practice' construction manual and the Wood Construction 'Quality Inspection Manual'.
  • A complete selection of information on Canadian wood products including a binder of product literature.
  • Members' newsletter with articles on technology issues, published four times a year.
  • Quarterly technology lectures on wood construction issues followed by a social networking session.
  • Information on, and preferred access to, wood frame construction training services (course fees not included).
  • Directory of Canadian design services.
  • A telephone enquiry hotline for any technical questions dealing with the use of Canadian wood products.

Apply now to register for the Canada Wood Support Group!