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2013 Wood Design Awards


Please follow these steps to submit your entries:

2013 Wood Design Awards Registration Form

Wood Design Award 등록 양식(참고용)

  • Submit all project information in your own 8½” x 11” binder with plastic sleeves. We recommend a portfolio binder with attached plastic sleeves inside. A separate binder is required for each entry.
  • One set of four project information sheets must be included in each entry as follows:

Form 1: Payment Form in the first plastic sleeve in the binder. You may list all of your entries and fees on Form 1 and submit it only once.

Form 2: Information Sheet back-to-back with Form 1.

Form 3: Project Description

Form 4: Project Data back to back in the second plastic sleeve.

  • Include floor plan, section and elevation sketches to illustrate the design, and a site plan showing the project and surrounding area. Sketches should be reduced to fit flat into plastic sleeves. Selected drawing details may be included at your discretion but are not mandatory. In order to ensure anonymity – your firm name should not appear on the drawings.
  • Include enough photos of exteriors and interiors to illustrate the project and its design features, and to give the jury a good appreciation of your submission. Photos should be high quality prints. Slides may be included as supplemental material, not as the main photo record of the submission. Remodeled projects should include at least one “before” photo.
  • Judges find it helpful to review entries that are clearly and professionally presented. It is in the interest of the participant to prepare a well-organized submission.
  • Please include a CD or DVD that includes all of the above in electronic format. For republication purposes, supplied photos must be a minimum of 300 dpi, and as large as possible (8×10 min.); plans, drawings and illustrations should be in vector format wherever possible.


  • All projects completed in the period between January 1, 2009 and Sept 15, 2013 are eligible for entry [except previous winning projects of The Wood Design Awards].
  • Form 2 must be signed by a firm representative giving Wood Design & Building magazine unrestricted use of all material submitted for the award-winning entries for the purpose of publicizing the Program and the winning entries in the magazines, web site and Awards Book. Permission from owners and photographers is the responsibility of the entrants and must be obtained before entering.
  • Submissions will be returned only if $20 per entry is provided for shipping, or if a FedEx or UPS billing number is included with your entry [please do not send filled-in courier slips].

Canadian and U.S. Entries: (Attn: Garth Matley or Ioana Lazea)

Wood Design Awards 2013
Canadian Wood Council
99 Bank Street, Suite 400
Ottawa, ON, Canada
K1P 6B9

1629 Miller Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI
48103, USA

아래의 절차에 따라 출품작을 제출합니다.

등록 양식은 이미지에 링크된 주소에서 다운 받으실 수 있습니다.

  • 프로젝트 정보는 비낼 내지가 든 바인더(사이즈 8½” x 11” 인치)에 넣어 제출 합니다. 출품작마다 각각 별도의 바인더를 제출하시 길 권고합니다.
  • 아래 네 가지 양식을 모두 작성하셔서 제출하셔야 합니다

양식 1: 지불 양식

양식 2: 정보

양식 3: 프로젝트 설명

양식 4: 프로젝트 설명

양식 1(지불 양식)과 양식 2 뒷 면을 맞대어 바인더 첫 번째 내지에 넣고, 양식 3과 양식 4를 맞대어 두 번째 내지어 넣습니다.

  • 평면도, 단면도, 입면도를 제출합니다.
  • 프로젝트의 외부 및 내부 사진을 제출합니다.
  • 위의 자료를 CD/DVD에 넣어 제출합니다. 최소 300dpi이상의 사진을 제출합니다


  • 2009년 1월 1일에서 2013년 9월 15일 완공된 작품을 출품합니다.
  • 출품시 함께 제출된 자료를 Wood Design & Building 매거진에 게재를 허용한다는 회사 대표의 서명이 포함되어야 합니다. 출품 전 사진의 저작권자에게 사전 승인을 받아야 합니다.
  • 출품작은 양식 1에 선택한 반환 방법에 따라 반환 됩니다.